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Warren and Ciara

State of the Brooklyn Tavern:

15th Annual Saginaw Days

The 15th Annual Saginaw Days will be on September 20, 2014. Put it on your calendar TODAY! Ciara and the Tavern are looking for dedicated folks to volunteer their time to put on this eaterly awaited event. For details, meetings and information on you YOU can help contact Ciara Brough at (360) 500-0941.

It's a New Day for the Brooklyn Tavern.

--- Because somewhere among the rolling, forested hills of southwest Washington, between towns youíve never heard of on a road you have no reason to drive down, is a family you never knew you had, and theyíre drinking at your favorite bar, even though you never knew it existed. That bar is the Brooklyn Tavern. -- Seattle Weekly

The New Owners of the Brooklyn Tavern are Warren and Ciara Brough. Warren is the son of Janice Damitio, and stepson of Ray Damitio the previous and long time owners. They purchased The Brooklyn Tavern from Janice, after Ray's passing. Recently married in 2013, they are bringing a breath of fresh air and dedication to keeping The Historical Brooklyn Tavern open and preserving the traditions that have brought so many to love the tavern. They do not intend to change the atmosphere, they want to continue to honor the memories of the past. They hope small improvements such as a new and more diverse menu, and a wider beer selection will encourage more people wanting to come check out what The Brooklyn Tavern is all about.

The Tavern is open 7 days a week - Noon until at least 8PM every night.

Come on! All your friends are waiting for you at the Brooklyn.

Ciara and Warren

Thanks for visiting. Check us out again, soon!

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